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that portrays a fantasy world where six different species coexist. With a primary focus on the importance of individuality,

the project aims to create works that can inspire and give courage to those struggling with being

different and struggling to accept themselves.

Therefore, the project's artworks are created with a strong emphasis on unique characteristics throughout.

Additionally, the NFT artwork is created using AI, and we kindly ask for your understanding in acknowledging

that it is AI-generated art.

Contract information

Chain / Polygon


Token Standard / ERC - 721



​price/ 5MATIC

unique owners 40% or later 10MATIC


Owner Benefits

The management will issue 515 NFTs as part of this collection. By owning 2 NFTs from our collection, you can earn the privilege of acquiring the right to issue new NFTs as a special benefit.


Furthermore, for the NFTs issued to owners, the RACE attribute will be designated as "Hybrid," and we will provide details of the composite pairs in the explanation section.

Please note that the composition of pairs that have already been synthesized cannot be changed. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.


Additionally, we will provide information about previously synthesized pairs on our website.


To receive the benefit, please apply for issuance, synthesize two NFTs,

and we will give you one new NFT as a gift.

Once the issuance volume reaches 2000 NFTs, we will discuss with the owners in the Owners' Room on Discord whether to continue synthesizing and minting new NFTs or not.

(Note: Currently, Discord is not available, so we are accepting issuance applications via DM on Twitter.)



We at THE ZOANTHROPE KINGDOM would like to provide a platform for communication among owners and between owners and us through Discord. Our goal is to create a community where owners can discuss event planning, future plans, and other topics within Discord.

Zoan's Land

The inhabitants of the world that serves as

the stage for the NFT project are called "ZOANSLAND."

Here, there exists a species called "Zoanthrope" that possesses human and animal traits, and has built a slightly more

advanced civilization than ours.

There are several kingdoms in this world,

one of which is the "Zoanthrope Kingdom."

This kingdom is made up of six different species:


Ape Tribe, Humanian Tribe, Inari Clan, Cat Tribe, Oni Group, and Rab Team.


These six species work together to support the kingdom.

Each species has its own unique characteristics and culture,

with features like the physically imposing

"Apean" or the hot-headed "Bunny."

They have diverse styles and cultures, but

they do not attack each other's individuality or cultural legacies.

They lead peaceful daily lives without major conflicts between the species.

However, they have witnessed the tragic consequences of a

major war that occurred in ZOANSLAND long ago.

The "Greedian Empire," located to the south of ZOANSLAND,

once wielded military force over all the kingdoms of the world due

to the greed of its emperor.

To stop the Greedian Empire, the Zoanthrope Kingdom resisted until the

end, with the help of the ancient species, the Inari Clan and the Oni Group, within the kingdom.

They defeated the Greedian Empire and restored peace to the world.

Since then, the Zoanthrope people have strongly remembered that such a war should never happen again, and have built a

peaceful world for over two thousand years.

Zoans Capital

The central part of the Zoanthrope Kingdom.

Duct Slum District

This is a neighborhood where people suffering from poverty for various reasons live.

Cat Town District

This district has been home to many

Cat Tribe members since ancient times.

Kirari Town

A town where the Oni Group has had their territory since ancient times.

Taiankyo Autonomous Zone

An autonomous zone where the Inari Clan governs semi-independently.


So, this world also weaves various stories in different places.



ApeTribe / Apean

This is a species that evolved from primates.

With strong physical strength and high intelligence, they have made significant contributions to the technological development of the Zoanthrope Kingdom. Although they have a large muscular mass and a big physique, they are usually gentle and kind.However, some individuals have become violent, and their eyes shine brightly.

Humanian Tribe / Humanian

This is the species commonly known as "Human."

In this world, they are the most balanced species, placing importance on cooperation and order. They excel in group activities and often take on leadership roles in various fields. However, due to their balanced nature, their physical abilities are the lowest among the six species. Nevertheless, some individuals have developed special abilities, dramatically improving their physical capabilities, and their eyes shine brightly.

OniGroup / Oni

Since ancient times in this world,

the ancient species, the Oni Group, has prospered. They are the most loyal species and show no mercy to those who betray their loyalty. Their lifestyle has remained unchanged since ancient times, and historical buildings line the town of Kirari where they live. They possess superhuman strength, but they rarely use it in their everyday lives.

Inari Clan / Inari

The Inari Clan has prospered since ancient times along with the Oni Group.

They are the most peaceful species and have been admired by many other species since ancient times. They have the power to create illusions, and those who have trained and developed this power can see all kinds of future possibilities.

In addition, they oversee the religious rituals at the shrine in the Taiankyō Autonomous Zone.

CatTribe / Feline

This is the most seductive species in this world.

They possess a charismatic aura that attracts many people and captivates those who see them with their mysterious aura. They are also highly intelligent and have excellent physical abilities. However, they have a strong selfish and moody side, and they are an extremely individualistic species.

RabTeam / Bunny

This is the premier combat species among all the races.

They have a fierce temperament and skirmishes within the species are frequent. This aggressiveness has led to a lower population compared to other species. They are characterized by their masks, which assist in oxygen intake during combat. Additionally, those who possess combat abilities beyond their own limits have shining eyes.

One word message...

While our administration has many shortcomings, we are doing our best. We hope to have your continued support moving forward. Thank you very much.

The latest information is being distributed on Twitter.

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